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 What does it do

Hydrafacial is a treatment that starts with cleansing your skin, exfoliating and then reintroducing peptides and hydration. It also includes microdermabrasion and suction It unclogs the pores and exfoliates your skin. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Chemical Peel

About 7.5% to 15% Glycolic Acid is used. It might tingle or sting a little where you have acne.

  1. Extraction

Extraction gets all the congestion out of your pores, clearing all the blackheads. Might be slightly uncomfortable near the nose area, but definitely more comfortable than removing the blackheads out yourself.

  1. Brightenol

Containing Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin to lighten dark spots

  1. Blue Light Therapy

Treats conditions present on, or just underneath the skin.

  1. Antiox Plus

Antioxidant serum to infuse hydration 

  1. Sunscreen


After the extraction is complete, most people describe the feeling that their skin can actually start to breathe. The hydrafacial machine does manual lymphatic drainage which is basically a massage in the form of little cups that drain the toxins through your body which is amazing for people with very bad acne or rosacea and also reduces swelling.

What comes out

The procedure starts off with exfoliation where the aesthetician uses a suction device to take the dead skin cells off from the top layer of the skin.


You may experience a small purge with your skin - meaning after exfoliation, sometimes acne bumps or anything that was under your skin’s surface might come up after exfoliation. It is not that you are sensitive to facials and facials make you break out. It’s a good thing and is normal to happen.

Hydrafacial what comes out - the liquid with dead skin cells

Once you are done with the extraction, you can actually see what the machine has pulled from your skin. You will see your skin oils, blackheads, dead skin (grey color) 

How often

Hydrafacial recommends doing a hydration facial treatment once a month for the next 3-4 months.

How many hydrafacials to see results

The best results of hydrafacial is seen best after 3-4 treatments. However, you will start seeing an instant glow just after the first treatment. You may experience a purge after the first treatment and redness is expected after the exfoliation.

Before & After Pictures

Here is what to expect in terms of results.

Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 1Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 2Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 3Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 4Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 5Hydrafacial Before and After Picture 6

Image Source: Hydrafacial.com


Disclaimer: Actual results for you may vary depending on your case and skin type. These are just some examples provided by the hydrafacial website.

When to get hydrafacial before event

It is recommended that you should get Hydrafacial treatment three to seven days before your special event because your skin needs at least 3 days to fully recover from the treatment and new layer of fresh skin to reach on top layer of your skin giving you the healthy youthful glow. In fact, if you are getting any type of facial treatment, it is not recommended to get such treatments at the same day of the event as your skin might be irritated or see some temporary pigmentation in the first few days of facial treatment.

Who can do hydrafacial

Hydrafacial is great for all skin types and does not cause irritation or inflammation. 

When pregnant

HydraFacial MD is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women because the treatment involves salicylic acid (BHA) which is not yet tested completely to be safe for pregnancy. So it is advisable to report this to your aesthetician and get advice.

How much does it cost

One Hydrafacial treatment costs anywhere between $75 to $200. The difference in prices is mainly due to the products used. The cheaper Hydrafacials generally only focus on Exfoliation and Extraction and not in providing the necessary serums that are needed for hydration.


Which is better Hydrafacial vs Silkpeel

Silkpeel or DermalInfusion offers the same cleansing, extraction and infusion Hydrafacial, along with more benefits. Silk Peel is a combination of non-invasive microdermabrasion and DermalInfusion. Silkpeel is much better if you are looking for Hydrafacial + Advanced Dermabrasion. If you just want to clear your pores and hydrate your skin, Hydrafacial is a good choice.

Which is better Hydrafacial or Microdermabrasion

Hydrafacial is much better than Microdermabrasion because is it much gentler on the skin. Hydrafacial is an advanced version of microdermabrasion and is also called “Wet Dermabrasion”.



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