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Symptoms Quotes

1. If you see a person showing symptoms of personality disorder, encourage them to seek help. They will get defensive, do not argue with them. Express your feelings and concerns instead.

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2. The first symptom of health anxiety is that when a person senses a symptom, they start thinking “OMG what could this be? Let me search google. Is it going to lead to something else? Am I unhealthy?

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3. Looking for guarantees is the biggest thing that is keeping you from healing your health anxiety.

A guarantee on every medication, therapy, and a guarantee that you will be safe, a guarantee that your symptoms are related to anxiety. And even if you start believing that, it will be brief.

Instead of looking for guarantees, adopt the right attitude. When you stop looking for guarantees, you start to let go. Start questioning all your cravings for guarantees whenever they pop up.

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4. Believing 100% that your symptoms are related to anxiety and stress and not something else is the first step to healing your health anxiety. Not taking an opinion or going to google to search for the symptom. You have to accept that the symptom is related to your anxiety.

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5. When a symptom arises, don’t fight with it by asking “are you gonna get worse? Are you connected to a disease or illness?”.

This much focus on a particular symptom eats up on the person’s willpower and their ability to engage in whats taking place in the present moment. Start understanding what your body is trying to tell you. Look at what you are suppressing, the fears, the angers, the doubts, the un forgiveness towards yourself and others.

You must be open to taking in those messages, and using them to be able to resolve what your body wants you to resolve.

Stop fighting what you are fighting with on the inside, and begin understanding them.

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6. Replace fear of your symptoms with unconditional love for why they are there. Yes.

Say “Thank you very much for looking out for me. Thank you for warning me of something that is going to arise in the future that is connected to a trauma from the past. Thank you subconscious body for carrying this information until now, and letting me know that i can resolve what needs to be resolved through my conscious mind today.

When you can spread love for the very thing that you hate and fear, you will begin healing.

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7. We feel that if we feel sensitized, if we can interpret our sensations and symptoms as being physical dangers, then we can be one step ahead of potential cancer or heart attack. So we go on Google, we seek reassurance - anything to make us feel better.

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8. When a symptom or fear arises, how are you talking to your body right now? Do you swim in that helplessness? Do you not show it to others and put up the mask all day long?

You have an inner dialogue with yourself when you have health anxiety. That inner dialogue must change. Make sure to think from your conscious mind, and not replaying the same ideas from yesterday.

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9. In the moment when fear takes your attention, and you move towards catastrophic ways of perceiving your symptoms - it’s in that very moment you should change something in your body.

Don’t look to grapple for with your thoughts- “think positive think positive… it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be fine”. You will make it worse because you are only adding it to the adrenaline.

What you want to do is make a change in your body. The best thing you can do is slow down. Watch your speed, go neutral. Allow yourself to trust that the symptoms in combination with those intrusive thoughts will lessen in strength over time. You must trust.

A change in your speed, breathing patterns, posture, a change by using more hand gestures, a change in your facial expression. Whatever that change in body is, you need to make one.

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10. You have to build a relationship with the world of the unknown, uncertainty and make peace with peace. You will have to bring your authentic self back. The part of you that isn’t afraid, that sees things as they are - not worse than what they are. You have to bring this person out each and every day in order for you to heal, or else you are just going to keep getting addicted to stress hormones. See beyond your symptoms and intrusive thoughts.

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11. These thinking patterns become so habitual, that they affect our emotional states and makes the health anxiety sufferer live in avoidance of certain situations, places, people.

As much as the sufferer think that the fear of dying is related to the root cause of health anxiety, it is also related to the fear of living. They are scared to put themselves out there in case the symptom gets worse, in case they can’t handle it or people won’t understand what they are going through.

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