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Sympathy Quotes

1. Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these.

- George Washington Carver

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2. Narcissistic personality disorder

-belief that they are more important than others
-exaggeration of their achievements
-bragging about beauty, attractiveness or success
-need for admiration and validation
-lack of sympathy for others

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3. One who is kind is sympathetic and gentle with others.

He is considerate of others' feelings and courteous in his behavior.

He has a helpful nature.

Kindness pardons others' weaknesses and faults.

Kindness is extended to all: to the aged and the young, to animals, to those low of station as well as the high.

- Ezra Taft Benson

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4. When we are in pain, we become self-centered and myopic. When we heal, we become more empathetic, self-less, and sympathetic to pain and welfare of other. It is our gift to others to heal ourselves.

- Max Strom

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