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Subconscious Quotes

1. Replace fear of your symptoms with unconditional love for why they are there. Yes.

Say “Thank you very much for looking out for me. Thank you for warning me of something that is going to arise in the future that is connected to a trauma from the past. Thank you subconscious body for carrying this information until now, and letting me know that i can resolve what needs to be resolved through my conscious mind today.

When you can spread love for the very thing that you hate and fear, you will begin healing.

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2. When you feel a symptom, change your focus. This does not mean distracting yourself, that is a coping tool, it will not heal you. Changing your focus means diverting your attention to a different part of that situation.

Instead on focusing how this symptom can lead to a physical illness, focus on how the symptom is a sign of past intense experiences. It’s simply a warning message asking you whether it is safe or not to do what you are about to do. This will give a completely different meaning to the feeling. This idea that you adopted in your mind will begin traveling into your heart and that is when you will start believing it fully.

It’s literally a convincing game - you are trying to convince the 95% subconscious mind and body that’s gone through all this distress.

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3. When you are in an alert fight or flight state, you want to do everything fast. You wake up and shower fast, eat fast, and work fast.

If you do the reverse and slow down by breathing deeply through your diaphragm and not rushing things, you are sending a direct signal to your nervous system that this particular situation is not the one to be feared. You train your subconscious by going against the daily ritual of waking up, checking the body for sensations and then doing things in a hurry.

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4. Hypnosis takes the thinking conscious mind out of the picture, and gives you the ability to communicate directly with the subconscious mind. This lets you know what core beliefs and memories are sabotaging your recovery. The job of Hypnosis is to reorganize past memorize and discharge stored emotions so you can start to perceive your symptoms differently.

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5. 10 things severe health anxiety sufferers don’t do:

1. surround with negative people.
2. look up their new symptoms of anxiety online.
3. looking for instant results and expecting on when the recovery will be achieved.
4. They stop scanning for the bad and begin focusing on the good.
5. Don’t turn to a doctor for answers each and every time a new challenge comes up.
6. They stop playing the victim card when speaking to others.
7. Don’t speed through life.
8. Know the difference between good advice and bad advice.
9. Stop avoiding everything you fear. One brave step can create incredible momentum. Talking back to body zaps to let your subconscious know that YOU KNOW that it’s caused by anxiety.
10. They know that they are not a mind reader and they don’t try to fit in.

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