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Posture Quotes

1. In the moment when fear takes your attention, and you move towards catastrophic ways of perceiving your symptoms - it’s in that very moment you should change something in your body.

Don’t look to grapple for with your thoughts- “think positive think positive… it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be fine”. You will make it worse because you are only adding it to the adrenaline.

What you want to do is make a change in your body. The best thing you can do is slow down. Watch your speed, go neutral. Allow yourself to trust that the symptoms in combination with those intrusive thoughts will lessen in strength over time. You must trust.

A change in your speed, breathing patterns, posture, a change by using more hand gestures, a change in your facial expression. Whatever that change in body is, you need to make one.

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2. It's not about how your posture, asana, form looks.

It's about how integrated and comfortable you are in your own body.

- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

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