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Pollution Quotes

1. Levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions are showing significant drops as coronavirus impacts work and travel.


- BBC News

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2. The Corona Virus is reshaping our world. This tiny creation is reshaping our interest based economy and taking from military budget. It forces people to spend more time with family. It closes pubs, casinos and strip clubs. It forces people to clean themselves constantly and be concerned with their intimate relationships. It forces people to avoid eating things that are harmful to our bodies. It is cleaning the oceans of the pollution of cruise ships and corrupt tourism. It is cleaning the air of the pollution of air travel. Air exposes the greed of the wealthy and the folly of politicians. It forces us to remember death and draw closer to the Creator.

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3. Types of Cleansers:

-For Oily and Combination Skin.
-Consistency- Clear and gel-like consistence.
-Deep cleanse without making your skin dry.

-For Oily and Combination Skin.
-Same benefits of Gel cleanser, but can leave the skin a bit dry.

-Good for dry and sensitive skin.
-Also called lotions/milks.
-Consistency - Thick and Creamy
-Contain moisturizing ingredients.
-Used sometimes as a first step in double cleansing routine.
-No need to wash with water. Massage it and they wash it off with a damp cloth.

Micellar water:
-For dry and sensitive skin.
-They have tiny micelles which traps dirt and pollutants in.
-1st step of double cleansing.
-Lazy way of cleansing.

-For all skin types
-Gentle way of cleansing
-Avoid if you have an inflamed acne

-Extremely lazy way of cleansing
-Not a deep cleanser

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