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Investment Quotes

1. Our friends up north spend over five billion dollars on research and development and all they seem to do is copy Google and Apple.

- Steve Jobs

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2. Do more than exist—live.
Do more than hear—listen…
Do more than grow—bloom.
Do more than spend—invest.
Do more than think—create…
Do more than decide—discern.
Do more than consider—commit…
Do more than dream—do.
Do more than see—perceive.
Do more than read—apply.
Do more than receive—reciprocate.
Do more than choose—focus.
Do more than wish—believe…
Do more than encourage—inspire…
Do more than reach—stretch.

- John Mason

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3. You can’t really invest in your looks as your only ‘thing’ because it is a depreciating asset. Put your money, put your effort, invest in your brain and talent which will appreciate and get better as you get older.

- Rashida Jones

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