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Harmful Quotes

1. About the story of `Aisha and their narrations were similar attesting each other, when the liars said what they invented about `Aisha, and the Divine Inspiration was delayed, Allah's Messenger (pbuh) sent for `Ali and Usama to consult them in divorcing his wife (i.e. `Aisha).

Usama said, "Keep your wife, as we know nothing about her except good."

Buraira said, "I cannot accuse her of any defect except that she is still a young girl who sleeps, neglecting her family's dough which the domestic goats come to eat (i.e. she was too simpleminded to deceive her husband)."

Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said, "Who can help me to take revenge over the man who has harmed me by defaming the reputation of my family?

By Allah, I have not known about my family-anything except good, and they mentioned (i.e. accused) a man about whom I did not know anything except good."

- Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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2. Boundaries:
By definition, a boundary is anything that marks a limit. Psychological limits define personal dignity. When we say, โ€œYou just crossed a line,โ€ we are speaking about a psychological limit that marks the distinction between behavior that does not cause emotional harm and behavior that causes emotional harm.

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3. Let go of your secret. Tell someone that you have self-harmed or thinking to harm yourself. It is quiet therapeutic and can be a huge relief.

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4. When you share something that might potentially harm you, remember that reactions such as shock, anger and fear come out of concern for you.

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5. Why do people self-harm?
They choose harming themselves as a way of dealing with emotional pain.

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6. Tangible or material bullying: Using oneโ€™s formal power (i.e. title or position) or material leverage (i.e. financial, informational, or legal) as forms of intimidation, threat, harassment, and/or harm. In these scenarios, the bully uses his or her advantage in stature and/or resources to dominate and control the victim.

- Preston Ni

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7. Sleeping alone, except doctor's orders, does much harm. Children will tell you how lonely it is sleeping alone. If possible, you should always sleep with someone you love. You both recharge your mutual batteries free of charge.

- Marlene Dietrich

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8. How to manage anger?

Write out when do you get angry?

What are the triggers?

What is your typical response do those triggers?

Consider these questions to assess whether your anger is harmful or helpful.

do you yell or swear? do you lash out or hit someone? do you manipulate or try to control others? do you mumble under your breath? do you think others are not as good as you are?

if you answered these questions with โ€œyesโ€ or a โ€œmaybeโ€, then you have an anger problem and the next step is to admit that you have a problem with the anger. once you admit that you have a problem you are on the path to change.

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