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Face Wash Quotes

1. Face wash OR Cleanser?

Both of them do the same job of getting rid of dirt and oils. However, a cleanser dissolves the dirt, pollutants, makeup, SPF etc. Face wash isn't gonna remove 100% of them. That's the difference.

Face wash basically delves deeper into the skin and cleans the pored due to its foaming action.

So if you have a makeup or SPF on, it's better to use a Cleanser first, and then a face wash.

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2. Double Cleansing:

Cleansing twice. First by a cleanser, then with a face wash.

Cleanser dissolves the dirt and pollutants, giving your face wash a chance to cleanse deeper.

Double cleansing isn't for everyone and can be irritating for sensitive or dry skin.

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3. Types of Cleansers:

-For Oily and Combination Skin.
-Consistency- Clear and gel-like consistence.
-Deep cleanse without making your skin dry.

-For Oily and Combination Skin.
-Same benefits of Gel cleanser, but can leave the skin a bit dry.

-Good for dry and sensitive skin.
-Also called lotions/milks.
-Consistency - Thick and Creamy
-Contain moisturizing ingredients.
-Used sometimes as a first step in double cleansing routine.
-No need to wash with water. Massage it and they wash it off with a damp cloth.

Micellar water:
-For dry and sensitive skin.
-They have tiny micelles which traps dirt and pollutants in.
-1st step of double cleansing.
-Lazy way of cleansing.

-For all skin types
-Gentle way of cleansing
-Avoid if you have an inflamed acne

-Extremely lazy way of cleansing
-Not a deep cleanser

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