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Enjoy Quotes

1. I normally don’t enjoy making people laugh.

- Angela Martin

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2. And We said, "O Adam, dwell, you and your wife, in Paradise and eat therefrom in [ease and] abundance from wherever you will. But do not approach this tree, lest you be among the wrongdoers."

[Quran- 2:35]

- God

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3. The life of this world
is only the enjoyment
of deception
(a deceiving thing)."

[Quran- 3:185]

- God

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4. Allah is so merciful to us that even though this life is a test, He has allowed us to enjoy what is permissible of it to ease our journey back to Him.

- Omar Suleiman

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5. Food and TV should not be your only source of enjoyment.

- Dr Margaret Rutherford

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6. Listen to the child—find out why he/she did or did not do something.

Explain your reasons; this will enhance the child's decision-making capacities.

The nine inborn feelings (interest, enjoyment, surprise, distress, anger, fear, shame, disgust, and dismal) should be labeled with words. This will facilitate tension regulation and aid the transition to more mature ways of handling emotion.

Positive reinforcement—rewards and praise—will enhance the child's self-esteem when appropriate standards are met. Positive reinforcement is more effective in obtaining long-term behavioral compliance than frightening and shaming punishments.

Set a good example for the child. The child wants to be like the parents. Children identify with their parents, and they will put feelings and actions into words when they see their parents doing this. Who the parents are, and how they behave, will have a profound impact on the development of their children. Your child will follow your lead.

- Paul C Holinger

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7. On the information sheet in a New York hotel, I recently read:

'Dear guest! To guarantee that you will fully enjoy your stay with us, this hotel is totally smoke-free. For any infringement of this regulation, you will be charged $200.'

The beauty of this formulation, taken literally, is that you are to be punished for refusing to fully enjoy your stay.

- Slavoj Zizek

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