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10 Content Quotes

“ Content is King, but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house. ”

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- Mari Smith

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“ Eight out of ten people will read your headline (Title), but only 2 out of 10 will actually click through and read the rest of your Article.

Always start off with the Title of your Blog Post. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ Introduction is a way to hook people in to read the rest of your blog post or article.

Apart from hooking people to your blog post, you should also mention what will be covered in the blog post. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ The body of your article should include Sub Headings.

Keep in mind you want your content easy to skim.

If people can’t skim it, you’re not gonna do well.

Also, keep your paragraphs up to 5-6 lines max. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ Your content needs to be credible in the eyes of the reader.

You can do that by citing sources and linking to other people.

This makes your business looks more as an expert. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ Always wrap up your article or Blog post with a “Conclusion”.

Conclusion summarizes what your post was about, and you end your conclusion with a question.

By ending with a question, more people are likely to leave a comment. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ When you link out to other people, it flatters them.

Because when you link out to someone, it drives them more traffic.

When you link out to them, shoot them an email.

Let them know you have mentioned them in your blog post and share the link with them. ”

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- Neil Patel

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“ Writing a perfect blog post

Step 1 - Keep a “hit list” of all the blogs you are going to write, in order to avoid a writers block.

Just spend one day getting your keywords ready in a doc, and prepare all the headlines for your hit list

Step 2 - Research to find your information

Present yourself not as an expert but just as a reader’s neighbor. Just a friend who has a similar problem.

Step 3 - Write your first sentence and your answer paragraph.

The answer paragraph is in the introduction and is about 3-4 sentences long. It is bolded and it is a quick summary/answer of your article

You win rich snippets this way on google.

Step 3 - Write 3-5 subheadings as a structure.

Backlinko.com did a study where they found out that the average word count of top ranking blogs is about 1900 words.

A longer blog post is going to outperform the short one.

Yes we have answered the question, but the reader might have some other lingering questions. And that what these subheadings are there for.

Step 4 - Images

Have one (probably full width) image on the top and you may probably need one to two supporting images throughout the article. ”

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- Jim And Ricky

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“ A tip on how to decide on the Topic of your Article

If you are on Google and you can't find a clear answer to your question on Google, this is the biggest indicator for you that if you research on the topic and write an article about it, you will definitely be Number 1 on Google SERPS; no matter how weak your Domain Authority is. ”

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- Urfi Ansari

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“ The quickest way to improve your traffic would be to export the keywords you are already ranking for from your Google Search Console, analyze your current position for the article you are ranking badly, and try to improve the Title, URL and Content one by one. ”

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- Urfi Ansari

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