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Brainwashing Quotes

1. Is any of it real?

A world built on fantasy. Synthetic emotions in the form of pills; psychological warfare in the form of advertising; mind-altering chemicals in the form of food; brainwashing seminars in the form of media; controlled isolated bubbles in the form of social networks. Real? You wanna talk about reality?

We haven't lived in anything remotely close to it since the turn of the century. We turned it off, took out the batteries, snacked on a bag of GMOs while we tossed the remnants in the ever expanding dumpster of the human condition. We live in branded houses trademarked by corporations built on bipolar numbers, jumping up and down on digital displays, hypnotising us into the biggest slumber mankind has ever seen. We live in a kingdom of bullshit; a kingdom you've lived in for far too long. So don't tell me about not being real. I'm no less real than the f***ing beef patty in your Big Mac.

- Mr. Robot

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2. Feel sorry for the unfortunate men who missed out on a good girl because they were brainwashed by the standards of beauty taught to them by the society.

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3. If you hang out with me for too long, I will brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.

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