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Awkward Situation Quotes

1. It's not politically correct to say that you love one child more than you love your others.

I love all of my kids, period, and they're all your favorites in different ways.

But ask any parent who's been through some kind of crisis surrounding a child--a health scare, an academic snarl, an emotional problem--and we will tell you the truth.

When something upends the equilibrium--when one child needs you more than the others--that imbalance becomes a black hole.

You may never admit it out loud, but the one you love the most is the one who needs you more desperately than his siblings.

What we really hope is that each child gets a turn. That we have deep enough reserves to be there for each of them, at different times.

All this goes to hell when two of your children are pitted against each other, and both of them want you on their side.

- Jodi Picoult

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2. When the sky’s falling, I take shelter under bullshit.

- Scott Lynch

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3. Apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.

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4. Learn to take breaks. Timeout immediately. You can walk away from situations and people who trigger your anger. Tell that person that you will get back to them in an hour or two. Give yourself time to cool off. Do diaphragmatic breathing listen to soothing nature sounds. Take a walk. Pray.

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