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Attraction Quotes

1. If your way of wearing the Hijab attracts others, know that your Hijab needs correction. Keep your Hijab as simple as you can

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2. Surely woman has been created from a curved rib, and this is the secret of her beauty, and the secret of the attraction towards her. And this is no defect in her, because โ€˜the eyebrows look beautiful due to them being curvedโ€™. So if she errs, do not rebuke her in a manner in which there is no gentleness, attempting to straighten her; otherwise you will simply break her and her breaking, is her divorce. At the same time do not let her off upon that mistake, otherwise her crookedness will increase and she will become arrogant with her ego. Thereafter, she will never soften for you and she wonโ€™t listen to you, so stay in between the two.

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3. Narcissistic personality disorder

-belief that they are more important than others
-exaggeration of their achievements
-bragging about beauty, attractiveness or success
-need for admiration and validation
-lack of sympathy for others

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4. I'm not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There's something very sexy about being submissive.

- Eva Longoria

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5. A man who cooks is attractive. A man who does the dishes is irresistible.

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