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Advice Quotes

1. Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.

- Charles Kettering

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2. I don't understand why my friends ask me for relationship advice. If I was already married, I wouldn't be sleeping next to my unfolded laundry.

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3. I think the most important thing is your integrity. Your family, Your health.

Rest of the things, you can experiment with.

- A R Rahman

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4. By hearing your suggestion, I’m peeling better now.

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5. “Everyone can master a grief but he that has it”

Much Ado About Nothing
Act 3, Scene 2

- Shakespeare

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6. If you wish to be kind, you need 3 thing:

1. Love yourself and be confident
2. Understand people from where they are coming from
3. Don't build resentment if someone does not listen to your advice. Stay kind and let it go.

- ReadBeach

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7. 10 things severe health anxiety sufferers don’t do:

1. surround with negative people.
2. look up their new symptoms of anxiety online.
3. looking for instant results and expecting on when the recovery will be achieved.
4. They stop scanning for the bad and begin focusing on the good.
5. Don’t turn to a doctor for answers each and every time a new challenge comes up.
6. They stop playing the victim card when speaking to others.
7. Don’t speed through life.
8. Know the difference between good advice and bad advice.
9. Stop avoiding everything you fear. One brave step can create incredible momentum. Talking back to body zaps to let your subconscious know that YOU KNOW that it’s caused by anxiety.
10. They know that they are not a mind reader and they don’t try to fit in.

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