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Adrenaline Quotes

1. In the moment when fear takes your attention, and you move towards catastrophic ways of perceiving your symptoms - it’s in that very moment you should change something in your body.

Don’t look to grapple for with your thoughts- “think positive think positive… it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be fine”. You will make it worse because you are only adding it to the adrenaline.

What you want to do is make a change in your body. The best thing you can do is slow down. Watch your speed, go neutral. Allow yourself to trust that the symptoms in combination with those intrusive thoughts will lessen in strength over time. You must trust.

A change in your speed, breathing patterns, posture, a change by using more hand gestures, a change in your facial expression. Whatever that change in body is, you need to make one.

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2. The more fearful and curious we become about what problem we might have, the more adrenaline is released, making your symptoms and sensations stronger.

People are unaware that their symptoms are nervous (emotional) in origin and follow a well recognized pattern. The pattern of continuous fear and tension is what breeds anxiety and triggers those symptoms.

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3. When that initial fearful thought strikes, you go “omg what is this?” and the adrenaline builds up, making the symptoms stronger and making it difficult to stop the cycle.

Every situation of anxiety is an opportunity for you to practice. When that initial fearful thought or a symptom strikes, you can take a new direction and start to notice when your fear starts to decrease. It decreases when you realize it’s happening due to anxiety and you stop the thoughts right away. If the thoughts continue, do not show any respect to them whatsoever. Turn your focus from your inner world to what is happening around you in your outer world.

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4. When you are having a panic attack

1. Allow the symptoms and sensations to take place. Let them happen and don’t give them importance or respect that they crave. This will stop any further adrenaline spikes.
2. Distract your focus and get your adrenaline out of the system by walking/jogging. Set a challenge of walking and coming back within a time limit. This will help in focus distraction.
3. Let the storm pass.

Over a period of time, this management of panic attack/anxiety will become habitual.

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