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Dave Burgess Quotes

1. Why have so many schools reduced the time and emphasis they place on art, music, and physical education?

The answer is beyond simple: those areas aren’t measured on the all-important tests.

You know where those areas are measured… in life!

Art, music, and a healthy lifestyle help us develop a richer, deeper, and more balanced perspective.

Never before have we needed more of an emphasis on the development of creativity, but schools have gone the exact opposite direction in an effort to make the best test-taking automatons possible.

Our economy no longer rewards people for blindly following rules and becoming a cog in the machine.

We need risk-takers, outside-the-box thinkers, and entrepreneurs; our school systems do the next generation a great disservice by discouraging these very skills and attitudes. Instead of helping and encouraging them to find and develop their unique strengths, they're told to shut up, put the cell phones away, memorize these facts and fill in the bubbles.

- Dave Burgess

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