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Psychology articles about human behavior, love and relationships, arguments, fights, domestic violence and achieving contentment and happiness in life

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How to Argue Effectively in a Relationship

Things to keep in mind in order to argue effectively in any relationship. The way people handle arguments and fights depends on how they handle their pain, anger and fear. Arguments are handled in 4 ways.

Why do people Divorce? [15 Main Reasons]

The complete list of reasons and causes of why people Divorce. The Expectations of Marriage. Cheating, (Adultery,Infidelity), Domestic Violence, Midlife crisis, Workaholism, Serious Arguments, Communication Gap, Sexual Satisfaction, No Physical attraction, Spouse is Gay, Taken for granted,Cultural..

How to Answer 26 Common Job Interview Questions

what are the most common interview questions and answers? Well, this is an opportunity for you to prepare yourself for the most awesome replies to each of these common interview questions and understand what exactly is their motivation behind asking you each of these questions.

Domestic Violence: Everything you need to know

Every aspect on the topic of Domestic Violence has been discussed extensively in this article where you will get all the information that you will need about Domestic Violence - from DV definition to its causes, symptoms, how to identify an abuser, the cycle of abuse, how to get out of an abusive re