Why your Emojis 😟 are not showing in Google results

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Google supports emojis in their search results, however, it can decide not to display them when they don’t find it appropriate. Google only shows emojis when it thinks it's relevant to the search query. Google does not show emojis in your title/meta-descriptions if it thinks that they are misleading, too spammy or out of place/not relevant.


This is the same case when you set a Title or a Meta Description or a canonical URL of a page - it is just a request to Google to index those values, however, Google sometimes chooses a different meta description depending on the query. And sometimes, Google decides to choose a  different Canonical URL than what was provided by the user (user-submitted canonical). So if your emoji is not showing up for one query, it might actually be showing up for some other query.


When to use emojis in Titles and Meta


Emojis definitely catch the eye of the user and it stands out when your competitors are not using it. It may have a chance of higher CTR. However, use it wisely. Understand if your users and it might either work wonders for you in terms of your CTR and eventually beating competition, or it might result in making your brand look unprofessional (as per other opinions). I personally think it works quite well with some niches and a quick hack to improve your CTR dramatically. Testing is the solution.




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