Why your Fruit Juice is NOT healthy

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Are Fruit Juices so bad?

Although small amounts of fresh fruit juices would not necessarily cause major health problems if you are lean and have considerable physical activity daily, it can be a disaster for someone who is trying to lose weight.

We have always been told that fruit juices are healthy and a great source of nutrients. Even the Nutritional guidelines recomment 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. Let's dig deeper into the subject and analyze if this is actually healthy.

Whole fruits vs Fruit Juice

When you eat a whole fruit, the sugars are trapped within fibrous layers. Therefore, digestion takes time.

When these sugars reach your liver for digestion, the liver is very well equipped to metabolize such small amounts of sugar

Fruit is fulfilling, it is hard to eat a lot of them.

On the other hand, a fruit juice contains no fibre and since it's all juice - it is extremely high in sugar.

Sugar, whether sourced from a fruit, cane or "naturally" - is just sugar.

Imagine having a tall glass of Fruit juice without any added fibre. For example, you can only consume a maximum of 1-3 oranges at a time, however, an Orange juice would contain at least 6-7 oranges squeezed out of natural fibres and huge amount of sugar introduced to your body all at once.

This high amounts of sugar gets very overwhelming for the liver. The biggest amount of sugar in fruits is Fructose - something that only liver can metabolize.

Fruit juices for weight loss = Disaster

When you have a glass of fresh juice, these high amounts of sugar introduced to your body gets sent to the liver to metabolize.

When liver receives more fructose than it can handle, some portion of it becomes fat.

So I should stay away from Fruits now?

Absolutely not! It is just that Fruit juices give your body more harm (excess sugar) than good. Have your fruits whole.

The intention of this article was to let you know that your body cannot tell much difference between a fruit juice and a sugary soda.

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