Vienna Cafe Culture: Top 12 ancient and modern Coffee shops

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Here is the list of the Best and most popular coffee shops (cafe) of Vienna that serve coffee and desserts. Cafe culture is the very essence of Viennese culture and have been described as a place “where time and space are consumed but only coffee is found on the bill.”  


For generations, famous works of art and philosophy have been written at these marble tables and the meaning of life debated.

Here are the Best places to have coffee in Vienna (Wien).

1. Fenster Cafe

fenster cafe vienna

2. Cafe Central

  • Opened in 1986, this famous Literaten café provides not just coffee but an experience. gorgeous interior.

  • At the turn of the 20th Century, Central Cafe became the hangout spot for all the Writers, Academic and revolutionaries residing in Vienna.

  • Famous for Breakfast, Coffee, Pastries and piano music.

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3. Cafe Sperl

Cafe sperl - vienna

  • (Pronounced as shpearl)

  • Established in 1880, with interior just like one from the 19th century - At Sperl, time stands still. The only cafe that was never rebuilt or modernized.

  • Free Newspapers.

  • Order a Melange (pronounced melow-nsh), which is mocha with foam. Also, for dessert - try Sachertorte.

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4. Cafe Hawelka

Café Hawelka interior


  • This cafe is a Viennese institution - a place of peace and quiet in the bustling city.

  • Famous of its Buchteln (yeast buns filled with jam).

  • Started by a couple who opened for business just the day after their marriage in the late 1930s

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5. Kaffee Alt Wien

  • A specialty coffee and roastery with 45 different types of coffee.

  • Fresh coffee - fresh roast - carefully sourced.

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6. Cafe Mozart

7. Cafe Demel

  • A place famous for having amazing desserts to have along with your coffee - a dessert wonderland.

  • Established in 1866, it still bears the title 'Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court’.  Empress Sisi loved their desserts.

  • Handmade Cakes, tarts, scones and strudels - watch the masterbakers as they prepare it in Demel’s  show bakery.

  • Try their apple strudel.

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8. Cafe Korb

Cafe Korb Interior

  • Serves breakfast all-day 😍😍😍

  • It is also famous for its art lounge which displays the life of its owner Susanne Widl who is an actress.

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9. Cafe Schwarzenberg

  • A popular place to chill since the 19th Century.

  • Have local tea and coffee specialities and desserts.

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10. Cafe Sacher

  • Famous for their famous Sachertorte cake - apricot and chocolate cake served with a dollop of cream.

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11. Cafe Landtmann

  • Ambient lighting, homemade desserts and historically frequented by artists - this place is amazing to sit for hours just to enjoy the calmness and peace this place offers.

  • The owner of this cafe has applied for UNESCO for preserving this coffee house from centuries.

  • It also hosts press conferences and meetings - being modern while historic.

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12. AIDA Cafe Konditorei 

Aida cafe vienna desserts

  • AIDA Café is around since 1913, so you know they had enough time to perfect their pastries and cakes.

  • Try Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel).

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