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Things you can do at home if you are quarantined during the coronavirus lockdown. Here are some fun and productive things to do for yourself, your parents, wife and kids.


Prevent yourself from getting into a depressed or claustrophobic state during this quarantine period. Let’s make the most of it during this coronavirus lockdown while this pandemic dust settles to the ground.


Fun things to do during Quarantine

  • Learn how to play an instrument.

  • Write a Poem about how you feel.

  • Check out YouTube videos and perform exercises that you can do at home [For Men, For Women]

  • Plant an Arabian Jasmine and care for it every morning.

  • Treat yourself with a homemade DIY moisturizing treatment.


Productive things to do during Quarantine

  • Create a Blog or niche website based on your interest. Maybe this is the right time for you to start that online business that you have been dreaming about.

  • Learn a new language.

  • Understand your mood and find Quotes that are related to your mood.

  • Do your finances and predict your monthly expenses for the next 5 years. Put all the information in a nice excel sheet for future reference.

  • Recall that one thing (out of your ever changing wish list) that you always wanted to learn. Then start learning it from YouTube.

  • Organize your Wardrobe.

  • Restructure your home decoration.

  • Reflect on things you have achieved and what makes you happy and content.

  • Work on improving your anger and learn the skills of how to foster and nurture your relationships.

  • Create a new Word document and start writing a story. It could really be as short and 3 sentences or it can go on for … well… try to start and let’s see.

Feel Good things to do during Quarantine

  • Many low income workers like your security guard, the gardener, painters and daily wage workers are in need for your support. Share some bread with them daily so they are not hungry for a single day. Also, do not brag about it with your friends and family.


Things to do with parents during Quarantine

  • Donate to an old age home in the name of your parents (even if they are alive with you). If you are blessed with their presence, then also let your parents know that they will never end up there.

  • Play boardgames.

Things to do with Siblings during Quarantine

  • Complete a puzzle

  • Write a Poem about how you feel, and compare it with your siblings.

  • Every night is a Movie night. Or maybe binge watch a TV Show together.

  • Play boardgames.

Things to do with Spouse during Quarantine

  • Cook together.

  • Find a recipe online and surprise your spouse.

  • Make 30 cute post-it notes - each to be posted every morning of the next 30 days.

  • Try Yoga poses together. YouTube is your friend (it’s called “partner yoga”)

  • Take a bubble bath.

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