How to sleep without getting bitten by Mosquitoes

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Mosquito Net

Short Answer:

  • The good old mosquito net around your bed which hangs from your ceiling and covers your entire bed.

  • Make sure there are no openings from where the mosquitoes may enter while you are asleep.

  • Make sure your mosquito net is not damaged with holes, which can lure the mosquitoes, flies and other bugs near you while you are sleeping.


Why do mosquitoes need blood?

  • Female mosquitoes need protein from our blood to produce eggs.

  • Blood also quenches the thirst of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes who have no access to water are found to be more aggressive in biting.

  • While they use their mouth piece syringe to get in the skin for blood, female mosquitoes can pass diseases and parasites to humans and animals.

  • Not all mosquitoes bite - just like many hunters in the animal kingdom, only females do all the hard work. Male and Female mosquitoes actually feed on nectar for food.

How do mosquitoes find bite targets?

mosquito and CO2

  • Mosquitoes track you to bite using the CO2 produced by your breath. All vertebrates produce carbon dioxide which makes mosquitoes have it as a tracker to follow. Mosquitoes can track your CO2 from as far as 150 feet.

  • Sweat and higher body temperatures.

  • Drinking beer makes you attractive to the lady mosquito.

  • Dark colors that stand out (Black, Red, Dark blue) are easily differentiated by mosquitoes. Other objects like cars and trees also produce CO2, so mosquitoes also use secondary cues like color.

Why do mosquitoes only bite me?

Mosquitos and blood type O

  • It is not a myth - Mosquitoes do prefer some people over others when they like to bite.

  • Mosquitoes get attracted more to O blood type than other blood types.

  • You exhale more CO2 because of your metabolism, weight or exercise.

  • You are wearing colors that stand out (Black, Red, Dark blue).

How to deal with Mosquitoes?


  • Wear breathable tight woven fabric with lighter colors.

  • For exposed skin, use mosquito repellent with 15% deet. Spray it in your hands, rub, and apply to your exposed skin.

  • Keep a fan pointed to yourself. Mosquitoes cannot fly in a wind that is faster than 1 mph.

  • Shower when you are sweaty.


Do mosquitoes bite at specific times of the day?

  • That is true. Mosquitoes usually bite when the wind is less and humidity level is high, i.e. at dawn and dusk.

  • Mosquitoes are very unlikely to bite during the middle of the day - when heat is at its peak. Mosquitoes avoid the sun as it can dehydrate and kill them.


Where do you find the most mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes in forests

  • Any damp area

  • Farming lands and forests

  • Standing water

  • Bogs

How to avoid mosquito bites while sleeping?

Mosquito Net

  • The best way is to use a Mosquito Net which will guard you from any number of mosquitoes in your room.

  • Using mosquito repellents like coils are effective, although not recommended for their health side effects.

  • Cover as much of your body as possible.

  • Consider sleeping with a fan on high speed; mosquitoes can’t fly in fast winds.


How to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house?


Why mosquitoes get in your house? Avoid them by:


  • Using mesh doors for fresh air while keeping the bugs out. Make sure your doors are always closed and not open for too long.

  • Get rid of any standing still water in and around your house. Add a fountain if you have a pond, to keep the water moving.


Where do mosquitoes hide?


These are the places where mosquitoes hide:


  • During the day time, mosquitoes look for cool places of shade to avoid sun exposure as it can dehydrate and kill them.

  • You will find them in cool, shaded and wet areas of your house.


Are mosquitoes attracted to light?

Mosquito attracted to light?

  • Mosquitoes are NOT attracted to light. They only use it for navigation. Mosquitoes need a little bit of light to fly around.

  • Light neither attracts nor repel mosquitoes. So mosquitoes neither love nor hate lights. They use it just to get the sense of their environment.

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon dioxide which their targets emit.

  • This is why most mosquito traps emit carbon dioxide instead of light to lure mosquitoes and trap them.

How to lure a mosquito out of hiding?

How to find a mosquito in a room? Following are the steps to attract and get the mosquito out of your room or catch to kill it:

Method 1 - Flashlight

Method 1 - Catching a mosquito

Step 1 - Turn off all the lights in your room

Step 2 - Place a flashlight parallel to one of the walls. The mosquito will navigate to the light. Be patient. Don’t move around casting your own shadow on the wall.

Step 3 - Once the mosquito comes in the vicinity of the light on the wall, it will cast a big shadow which you can see on the wall.

Step 4 - Attack the little monster like the little monster you are.

Method 2 - Pillow and Mosquito


Method 2 - How to catch and kill mosquito

Step 1 - Grab a pillow and wait.

Step 2 - When you hear a buzz around your ear, slap yourself with your pillow. Your big pillow will almost always get it.


Method 3 - Death by Electrocution

Method 3 - Catching a mosquito

Step 1 - Turn off the lights in your room.

Step 2 - Keep reading on your mobile phone or iPad.

Step 3 - The light from your device and your carbon dioxide will lure the insect towards you. Hear the buzz carefully.

Step 4 - Grab your insect zapper and electrocute for a satisfying win.


Happy Hunting!

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