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Example of Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel on Google Search Results


Wondering how to get featured in the Google Knowledge Panel or suggest changes to the Google Graph?


In short, there are two ways: one is naturally getting featured by making sure you abide by the specifications of content and images that Google uses in the Knowledge panel. Second way is to actually explicitly tell Google that you want a particular Image, Title, Subtitle, Description, Social profile or some other item to be added to their Knowledge Panel.


In this short article, we will look at both the ways that you can use to skip the queue and beat all your competitors to reach position 0 in the search results.


  1. Knowledge Panel Image specifications

If you are aiming for images in your website to be featured for relevant keywords, your image must be [1]

  • Appropriate
  • Represent the topic well
  • Cannot be an ad
  • Format: .jpg or .png 
  • Logo Format: .png or .svg
  • SIze: Aspect ratio of 3:4 with a minimum of 1000 pixels.
  • Face in the Image: If an image is of a person, face should be clear.


  1. Suggest to change the Knowledge Panel data

Knowledge panels are automatically generated by Google and there might be cases where the results might have room for improvement. Keeping this in mind, Google allows its users to suggest changes. In most cases it does not allow you to provide a specific piece of data that they would use to update - this system is mainly built to alert for a change while their system (in most cases) updates the information with the next best result (if required and if another option exists).


Suggest to change Featured image

If you suggest a Featured image to be changed, Google will accept an image from you in the form of a URL to the image. If your suggested image is approved, it takes priority over other featured images shortlisted by Google for the entity. When you submit an image to be selected as the featured image, you should follow the same image specifications as mentioned before in the article to increase your chances of your submitted image being approved.


Suggest to change Title

  • Change in the KP Title is the first text you see in the Knowledge Panel (Name of person, place, organization, or thing. It is auto generated
  • Change in the KP Title can be suggested but with very strong evidence that proves that the Google systems have not made the most representative choice.


Suggest to change Subtitle

  • Subtitle is a one-line descriptive text just after the title. It is auto generated.
  • Change in the KP Subtitle can be suggested but with very strong evidence that proves that the Google systems have not made the most representative choice.
  • If your suggestion has been approved, the subtitle will be removed and the next best subtitle according to Google systems will be selected (if it exists in the Google systems). If no other subtitle is available in the Google system, the subtitle will just be removed and no subtitle will appear.
  • You cannot suggest custom titles like “actor/director”. 

Suggest to change Description

  • Descriptions are auto generated and cannot be edited as well. You cannot submit a custom Description to be approved.
  • To change the description, you need to contact the source listed. If you were unsuccessful, you can give feedback to Google about your efforts and strong evidence why you think the description is inaccurate, out of date or otherwise non-representative.
  • If your feedback is approved, description will either be removed, or another description will be auto generated from another source. It is more likely that the description will just be removed with no description at all.

Suggest to change Social Profiles

  • You can edit or add social profiles if you are eligible.
  • You can change the order in which the social profiles appear in the Knowledge Panel.

What happens after you give feedback to Google

  • Your suggestion go through a review
  • The accuracy of your suggestion is checked by comparing it with other public sources on the web. That is why it is important to provide a URL whenever there is an option to provide the same.
  • If accepted, your suggested edit will be added to the Knowledge Graph.
  • You get an email informing you about the result of the review once the review is complete.

Getting Verified on Google

If you wish to edit the knowledge panel that belongs to you as a person or an organization, you can click on Claim this knowledge panel by signing in through the entity’s Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Search Console account. Once you get verified, you can manage the entity on Google. [2]

If you are a local business on Google, sign in to Google My Business to manage your entity on Google.



[1] - Update your Google knowledge panel - Knowledge Panel Help

[2] - Get Verified on Google - Knowledge Panel Help

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