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Seeing a horse in a dream is interpreted to owning a good house. However, if you remember more details of your horse dream that you have seen, there could be several meanings depending on what you saw in your horse dream.


Here are different types of horse related dreams and it’s dream interpretations as provided by the famous Dream Interpreter of the 8th Century, Muhammad Ibn Sirin.


Disclaimer - Please Read this


If you really would want to know the interpretation of dreams, ask an expert who has the knowledge. The internet is only going to give you false understanding of your dream.


Interpretation of dreams is meant to bring glad tidings and news, and not to feel depressed once you read an Interpretation. There is a lot of false information on the internet when I tried to search for a meaning of my dream. I am in no capacity an expert in interpretation of dreams and the following interpretations have only been organized by me from two different sources.


One is a book called “Ibn Sirin’s Dictionary of Dreams” written by Muhammad M. Al Akili. I have seen several reviews that this book should not be considered as the right source for anyone to just read and interpret the dream. It is not so simple to interpret dreams.


The second source I have used here is the authentic Hadith that matches the subject of the dreams trying to make a connection.


Biblical Horse Dream Interpretation


In certain parts of the bible the horse is a sign of misfortune. In the bible, the horse is also a symbol of a war vehicle.


Following are the biblical references where a horse is mentioned.


Psalm 33:17

"A horse is a vain hope for deliverance, despite all its great strength it cannot save".


Revelation 19:14

"The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean" 


Revelation 6:4

"And out came another horse, bright red. Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth so that people should slay one another and he was given a great sword" It means fire and a sign of war.


Flying Horse Dream

with two wings


If you see a flying horse with two wings in a dream, it is interpreted as one might be tested with affection with a perverted woman or a boy who will tempt the person.

horsemen coming from sky

If you see horsemen coming from the skies in your dream, it means that a war might take place in that land.


Riding a Horse Dream

If you saw in your dream that you are riding a Horse, it is interpreted as

  • Dignity

  • Honor

  • Wealth

  • You will befriend meet a noble or good companion on your journey

holding a spear

If you see a dream of one riding a horse holding a spear in their hands, it means

  • forcing someone to do something

  • forcing someone to pay their debt


Blond Horse Dream

If you see a blond horse in a dream, it is interpreted as 

  • Knowledge

  • devotion

  • piety

  • fear of wrongdoing


Saddled Horse Dream

If you see a horse which has a saddle on its back, it is interpreted as the woman in her menstrual period, and a man should not have sexual intercourse with her at this time.

Group of Horses Dream

If you see a gathering of many horses in your dream, it is interpreted as a group of women attending a funeral or a wedding.


Horse Dying Dream

If you see a horse dying in your dream, this dream is interpreted to have the following meaning:

  • Loss of Business or

  • Loss of House


Killing a Horse Dream

If you have seen a horse dream where one is killing a horse, its meaning is interpreted to be that the person will have money, fame and rank.


Slaughtering a horse not for food

If you see a dream of one slaughtering a horse but not for food, it means destroying one’s livelihood


Horse entering a town

If you see a dream where an unknown horse without an owner is entering a town, it means

  • A noble person will come to the town and people similar to his business will fear from competition and losing business

  • If the same horse changes its path and leaves the town in the dream, this dream is interpreted as someone great (and unknown) person from that town will die soon.


Horses running on the streets Dream

If you see horses running on the streets in your dream, this dream is interpreted as having heavy destructive rains or floods.

Hopping off from a Horse Dream

If you see a person coming down from a horse, it is interpreted as doing a sin that will result in resignation from his/her position or will be fired from his/her work.


Hairy Horse Dream

If you see a hairy horse in a dream, this means a large family.


Horse tail cut off or clipped Dream


If you see a tail of an owner’s horse cut off at its end in your dream, it is interpreted to represent that one might see the death of his children or clan in front of his eyes.


If you see a tail of an owner’s horse just clipped  in your dream, it is interpreted to suggest one’s death and his name will be forgotten quickly. 

Owning a Horse Dream

If you dreamt of owning a horse in a dream, then it means

  • Prosperity

  • Victory over one's enemy

  • Owning a Mare, however, is interpreted as begetting a beautiful son.

  • Owning a nag (old and poor) or a workhorse means he will live satisfied or will marry a rich noble woman and will have children with her. A nag horse in a dream basically relates to a wife or a husband.

  • Seeing a feeble horse in a dream signifies weakness of its owner

  • Owning a herd of horses or feeding them means

    • managing a business

    • presiding over people

Buying a Horse Dream

If you see that one is buying a horse or giving the money to the seller of the horse, this dream is interpreted as 

  • profits in one’s business

  • gaining money from teaching

Selling a Horse Dream

If you see a dream where one is selling a horse, this dream represent the state of mind and character of the person and is interpreted as 

  • doing good

  • being grateful

Drowning Horse Dream

If you see one’s horse drowning in a dream, it is interpreted as the individual may die from an illness.


Horse attacking Dream


If you see a person being attacked by a horse, this dream is interpreted as some noble individual or a young boy will take revenge from him for a just cause.


Horse Biting Dream

If you see one’s horse is biting him in a dream, this is interpreted as the person will lead an army in some war.


Group of Horsemen Dream

If you have seen a horsemen leading a group of travellers in a dream, it means

  • going on a long journey

  • recovery from an illness

  • business activity




  1. Ibn Sirin Dictionary of Dreams. Page 214


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