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If you have been testing your Structured data and saw the following error and wondering How to fix "data-vocabulary.org schema is deprecated and not supported by Google anymore. Please migrate to using schema.org types", you have come to the right place.



You are referring to a http://data-vocabulary.org (which is now deprecated) for your SD, and not schema.org. You need to use the JSON-LD structure Data format in order to get rid of this error. First, you need to visit Schema.org website and scroll down to find the data format tab with JSON-LD structure (recommended by Google) and find the right vocabulary property as per schema.org. 



As we all know, on January 21, 2020, Google announced to webmasters around the world about the end of supporting data structure "Data-vocabulary.org" and they should make the switch to schema.org.



"Schema.org" starts on April 6, 2020 and during this period, your website will not be affected, but after April 6, 2020, google will delete the structure "Data-vocabulary" and that will affect your website, if you haven't changed.


If you are using the "shema.org" structure or don't have google mail about the changes then you can skip this article.



How to check Structured Data related errors on Search Console?




You can access google search console => Advanced features => Links to see if your website receives notifications about changes in data structure "Data-vocabulary" or not. Switching to the "shema.org" structure will make your web articles more detailed and richer with Google's search engine.




How to know if you follow data-vocabulary structure?




To know if your web structure is "Data-vocabulary" or "Shema.org", use the Structured data Testing tool provided by Google and type a URL to test for any SD related errors.



For example, if you are using a data.vocabulary as your data structure vocabulary, then you will find the following in your breadcrumb






This is exactly why you are getting this error. You may plan to use RDFa or Microdata, however, you are referring to a data-vocabulary for your  SD, which is now deprecated.



In the Breadcrumb section, if your web site is using the old "Data-vocabulary" structure, it will display the error 



“data-vocabulary.org schema is deprecated and not supported by Google anymore. Please migrate to using schema.org types”.






We conclude that data.vocabulary cannot be used as a structured data vocabulary anymore.



For every data.vocabulary error that you see, you need to visit schema.org and find the relevant schema.org definition for it in order to follow the standard schema.org from now on.



Hopefully you can now overcome the error of data-vocabulary.org schema being deprecated. If there is anything wrong with the article, you can leave a comment below, I will consider updating it again. Cheers and see you again in the next post.


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