Finding the Best Coffee in Budapest, Hungary

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  • Here is a list of the 10 most famous coffee places with respect to the taste and flavor, historical importance and uniqueness that these coffee houses in Budapest offer.

  • Google Map pins are provided for every cafe.

  • Check this Google Maps directions if you wish to see the locations of all the best coffee places of Budapest in one map. Let’s call it “coffee-hopping”.

1. Cafe New York

Cafe New York Interior

  • Extraordinary palace-like cafe regarded as the “most beautiful cafe in the world”.

  • Coffee is priced at EUR 5-10, and if you have a dessert along with your coffee, it would cost you about EUR 20.

  • Google Maps Location

2. Gerbeaud Bistro

Gerbeaud Bistro Interior

3. Madal

Madal Cafe Interior

4. Tamp and Pull Espresso Bar

Tamp and Pull Espresso Bar Interior


  • Established in 2012 by 4 times Barista champion of Hungary.

  • They have a custom coffee blend called Hungarian Revolution.

  • Try their signature drink called Beach Please - an ethiopian espresso combined with CO2 foam of peach juice.

  • Google Maps Location

5. Fekete

Fekete Cafe Interior

  • Fekete means “Black” in Hungarian.

  • Close to Museum Street.

  • Google Maps Location, just near Espresso Embassy cafe.


6. Kelet

Kelet Cafe Interior

7. Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy Cafe Interior

8. Budapest Baristas

Budapest Baristas Cafe Interior

9. Double Shot

Double Shot Cafe Interior

10. Kaffeine

Kaffeine Cafe Interior

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