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Cologne is a 2000 year old city filled with gothic architecture, 4th largest city of Germany with over 1 million people. Almost three-fourth of Cologne was destroyed during the Second World War. The Rhine River runs through the city. It is known for the famous Cologne perfume (4711 perfume). Try Pretzels and Chocolate in Cologne.


In this detailed Itinerary for Cologne, you can easily plan your trip and shortlist hotels based on the places you would like to visit. Ideally, the best place to get a hotel is near the old town area as it is the main center where all the cologne attractions are. You can easily follow these planned Google Maps directions for Cologne to explore all the hotspots of Cologne once you're there. Buy the KölnCard for just 9 Euros to get Free travel on all public transportation for 24 hours.


Hohenzollern Bridge

Hohenzollernbrücke is a bridge with overflowing love locks, over the Rhine River, going towards the Cologne Cathedral and the old town area.

Cologne Cathedral and Hohenzollernbrücke (Hohenzollern Bridge)

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral with its twin towers is the UNESCO World heritage site and the tallest church in the World. It took over 7 centuries (13th to 19th century) to complete this church. Near the cologne cathedral are the shopping streets like Wallrafplatz.


Cologne Cathedral with Sun

Old Town

The old town, the Alter Markt square is full of distinctive historical charm with colorful houses. Schildergasse is the most popular shopping street of Cologne as well as the entire Germany.

Old Town of Cologne with colorful buildings

Cologne Central Mosque

Google Maps Location


Beautiful mosque in central Cologne.

A beautiful Cologne Central Mosque


Ehrenfeld - the cool neighborhood of Cologne

  • Ehrenfeld, one of the coolest areas in Cologne. It's a vibrant neighborhood with colorful street art and trendy coffee shops. 

Flora and Botanical Garden

Google Maps Location


Oldest and most traditional botanical garden. Home to 10,000 species of plants.

Flora and Botanical Garden, Cologne

Chocolate museum

Here’s the Google Map Location for the Chocolate Museum. It displays how the chocolates are made, along with interactive displays and a chocolate tasting area.

Chocolate Museum of Cologne, Germany


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