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Seeing a shirt in a dream means and represents Piety, Godliness, Livelihood, Knowledge or glad tidings. Meaning of a shirt in a dream is also interpreted to represent one’s religious and worldly concerns.


Source : Sahih Muslim 2390, In-book reference : Book 44, Hadith 20

Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, “While I was asleep I saw people being presented to me (in a dream) and they wore shirts and some of these reached up to the breasts and some even beyond them. Then there happened to pass 'Umar b. Khattab and his shirt had been trailing.” They said: “Allah's Messenger, how do you interpret the dream?” He said: “(As strength of) faith.”


If a woman sees herself wearing a long and comfortable new blouse in a dream, it represents her religiousness, piety, happiness and the enjoyment of a comfortable life in this world. It may also represent the state of her husband.


Similarly, if one sees a dream of wearing a cloth / shirt that does not properly cover the body means not fulfilling religious duties completely.


Disclaimer - Please Read this


If you really would want to know the interpretation of dreams, ask an expert who has the knowledge. The internet is only going to give you false understanding of your dream.


Interpretation of dreams is meant to bring glad tidings and news, and not to feel depressed once you read an Interpretation. There is a lot of false information on the internet when I tried to search for a meaning of my dream. I am in no capacity an expert in interpretation of dreams and the following interpretations have only been organized by me from two different sources.


One is a book called “Ibn Sirin’s Dictionary of Dreams” written by Muhammad M. Al Akili. I have seen several reviews that this book should not be considered as the right source for anyone to just read and interpret the dream. It is not so simple to interpret dreams.


The second source I have used here is the authentic Hadith that matches the subject of the dreams trying to make a connection.


Torn clothes in dream

  • If you see a dream where a shirt is torn, it means divorce. If you see in a dream that one’s shirt is torn, it means ending a business partnership.

  • If a pocket is torn, it means poverty.

  • Wearing a torn or dirty shirt in a dream means sorrow, poverty and a state of being in pain.

  • A shirt torn vertically in half in a dream means relief from anxiety or depression.

  • If the shirt is torn from the back in a dream, it means one will suffer from false defamation or accused of harassing/abusing women. 

  • If the shirt is torn from the front in a dream, it means one will suffer from false defamation or accused of harassing/abusing women.

  • If one tears down the shirt or cloth in a dream, it means divorce.

Receiving new clothes Dream

Receiving a Shirt as a gift in a dream means profitability and blessing.


White clothes/dress Dream

If you see in a dream that you are wearing a white cloth (shirt), it means piety and religious consciousness, care, attention and effort.


Wearing a green shirt or a white shirt represents piety.


Red Shirt Dream

Wearing a red shirt in a dream means fame.


Yellow Shirt Dream

Wearing a yellow shirt in a dream represents illness.


Black Shirt Dream

Wearing a yellow shirt in a dream represents pain, anxiety, sorrow and worries.


Green Shirt Dream

If one sees a dream of wearing a green shirt, it represents piety.


Related Hadith about green shirt

Prayer passed through three stages. And out people narrated to us that Messenger of Allah (May peace be upon him) said; it is to my liking that the prayer of Muslims or believers should be united (i.e., in congregation), so much so that I intended to send people to the houses to announce the time of prayer; and I also resolved that I should order people to stand at (the tops of) the forts and announce the time of the prayer for Muslims; and they struck the bell or were about to strike the bell (to announce the time for prayer). Then came a person from among the Ansar who said: Messenger of Allah, when I returned from you, as I saw your anxiety. I saw (in sleep) a person with two green clothes on him; he stood on the mosque and called (people) to prayer …. (and the hadith follows)


Wet Shirt Dream

A wet shirt in a dream means having obstacles in one’s travel.

If one’s wet shirt dries up in the dream, it represents the obstacles have been removed.


Wearing a new shirt Dream

Wearing a new shirt in a dream means marriage to a woman who has no relatives or kin. If a woman sees in a dream putting on a white shirt or a blouse, it is also related to her marriage.


Wearing Shirt inside-out Dream

Wearing a shirt inside out in a dream means 

  • Reversal of one’s condition

  • Having forbidden type of sex with one’s wife (through the anus)

Shirt without sleeves Dream

Sleeves in a dream represent money and shirt represents piety. Wearing a shirt without sleeves means having piety but no money.


Wardrobe filled with Shirts Dream

This dream represents one’s reward in the hereafter


Washing shirt Dream

Washing a shirt with a soap in a dream means

  • Recovery from an illness or

  • Repenting from sin

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