4 ways to start a fire by making custom magnifiers in the wild [pics]

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Trick 1 - Start fire with Light Bulb and a Balloon


  • Water

  • Sunlight

  • Light Bulb

  • Balloon

Light bulb to make fire

  1. Take the steel lower end of the bulb out and rinse the inside of the bulb with water. Keep rinsing until you get rid of the white coating inside the bulb.

  2. Pour water into the light bulb and cover it with a balloon.

  3. Your magnifying glass is ready. Pass the sunlight through your magnifier onto a piece of paper to start the fire.


Trick 2 - Start fire with Bowl and Plastic wrap

Make fire with a bowl and plastic

  1. Water

  2. Sunlight

  3. Empty Bowl

  4. Plastic wrap


  1. Push the plastic wrap into the empty ball so the entire plastic wrap is in the shape of a bowl.

  2. Fill the bowl with water and then take the plastic from the sides and tie it to make a water ball.

  3. Let the sunlight pass your water bowl and pass through onto a dark paper.


Trick 3 - Start fire with Picture frame and Plastic wrap

start fire with a picture frame

  1. Water

  2. Sunlight

  3. Picture frame

  4. Plastic wrap



  1. Get a hollow empty picture frame and wrap the plastic wrap over the frame.

  2. Place four big similar sized stones on each corners of the frame so that the frame is few feets above the ground.

  3. Pour hot water in the middle of the frame. Let the sunlight pass through the hollow plastic covered frame.

  4. Focus the light on to a dark piece of paper or tinder.


Trick 4 - Start fire with a Plastic bottle

start fire with a plastic bottle

  • Water

  • Sunlight

  • Round plastic bottle

  1. Fill the curved bottle with water.

  2. Let the sunlight pass through the curver onto your tinder.

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