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Radish micogreens mix in one tray - china rose, rambo purple and hong vit




1-2 days

Harvest Day:

Day 9

Total Blackout Days:

4 Days

Weighted Blackout:

3 Days

Blackout Dome:

1 Day

Top watering:

Day 1

Bottom Watering:

Day 4 to Day 9

Antifungal application:

Not Required

Expected Harvest weight:

19x times the weight of seed


Rambo Purple: Mildly spicy

China Rose: slight spicy

Hong Vit: Very spicy

Shelf Life:

10 days

Things you need to grow Radish Microgreens

  1. 30g Radish seeds
  2. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 2 - without holes
  3. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 1 - with holes
  4. 6 cups of coco coir
  5. Grow lights (or sunlight)

Steps to grow Radish Microgreens

  1. Stack a 10x20 tray with holes on top of the 10x20 tray that does not have holes.
  2. Fill the tray (with holes) evenly with coco coir just below the rim of the tray. 
  3. Spread the Radish seeds as evenly as possible.
  4. Mist water once a day or as required depending on your grow room conditions. Just lift the tray and feel the weight.
  5. Stack another 10x20 tray on top for the first 3 Days for a Weighted Blackout. Press gently to settle the tray and push the seeds to the soil. Add a 15 pound weight on top of the tray.
  6. On Day 4, seeds will be germinated. Keep the 10x20 tray flipped on top like a Blackout Dome to just provide one more day of blackout so the microgreens can stretch looking for light a little bit more.
  7. On day 5, introduce the Radish microgreens to light. From now on, water via the bottom tray.
  8. Harvest on day 10, when seedlings reach 3-4 inches.



What to expect

Do This

Day 4

All seeds germinated and long white roots at the bottom

  • Introduce to light
  • Bottom water if required

Day 9

Harvest Day

  • Tray is full and the cotyledons are huge.
  • It’s time for harvesting.

Tips on growing Radish microgreens

  • Top varieties of radish microgreens are china rose (light pink stem and green leaves), rambo purple (light pink stems and purple leaves and Hong Vit (slightly darker pink stems and green leaves). You could grow them together in one tray as they grow at the same ratio.
  • You could add a scoop of some fertilizer with coco coir to give the seedlings a boost, but it is not required.
  • If you don’t have a 10x20 seed tray, you could use any container you like.
  • If you are planning on using soil as the growth medium and it has sticks or clumps, make sure to get rid of the big ones.
  • If you do not have grow lights, you can use the natural sunlight to grow your Radish microgreens. Just make sure they get enough light by placing them in a sunny windowsill or a south facing window.

Harvesting Radish Microgreens

A typical Radish harvest is expected to be 19x times the weight of the seed. For example, if you use 30g of Radish seeds, you can expect a harvest of about 580g.


Business Tips for Selling Radish Microgreens

Radish is one of the most popular microgreens that is sold, along with sunflower, broccoli and pea shoots.

Health Benefits of Radish Microgreens

According to a 2014 study by USDA,


“Among the 25 microgreens tested, red cabbage, cilantro, garnet amaranth, and green daikon radish had the highest concentrations of vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin K, and vitamin E, respectively. In general, microgreens contained considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids—about five times greater—than their mature plant counterparts.”


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