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Pea microgreens


Yes, 12 hours


1-2 days

Harvest Day:

Day 10

Total Blackout Days:

3 Days

Weighted Blackout:

First 3 Days

Blackout Dome:

0 Days

Top watering:

Day 1 to Day 3

Bottom Watering:

Day 4 to Day 10

Antifungal application:

Not Required

Expected Harvest weight:

2x times the weight of seed


Crunchy, Sweet, Juicy

Shelf Life:

10 days

Things you need to grow Pea Microgreens

  1. 250g Pea seeds
  2. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 2 - without holes
  3. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 1 - mesh tray
  4. Grow Medium - none
  5. Grow lights (or sunlight)

Steps to grow Pea Microgreens

  1. Put 250g of seed in a mason jar and soak it for 12 hours.
  2. Use a strainer and rinse the seeds.
  3. Stack a 10x20 tray with holes on top of the 10x20 tray that does not have holes.
  4. Spread the Pea seeds in the mesh tray evenly.
  5. Mist water twice a day or as required depending on your grow room conditions. Don’t keep the pea seeds too wet or they will rot and mold.
  6. Stack another 10x20 tray on top for the first 3 Days for a Weighted Blackout. Add a 15 pound weight on top of the tray.
  7. On Day 4, all seeds will be germinated with thick and long white / light tan . Pea shoots grow tall without any need for blackout so introduce it to light now.
  8. Harvest on day 10 when the pea shoots have become very tall with tendrils.



What to expect

Do This

Day 1 to 3

Seeds germinating and white roots coming down

  • Mist water twice a day if required.

Day 4-9

All seeds germinated, thick and white roots

  • Introduce to light
  • Water from the bottom, if required

Day 10

Very tall pea shoots

  • Ready for harvest

Tips on growing Pea microgreens

  • Peas grow very aggressively at the root, so you do not need a grow medium. You can just spread the seeds on a mesh tray and keep the seeds moist. You can also grow sunflower microgreens and a few other crops this way, but it takes more care. The challenge is to keep the seeds moist.
  • You could grow peas in coco coir too. Do not cover the seeds with soil, just an added weight of 15 pounds will do. 
  • Speckled peas have delicate tendrils, while yellow peas have a lot more tendrils that get entangled with each other,
  • After germination, peas grow very fast.
  • Popular variety of pea microgreens are dun pea (speckled pea).
  • If you find peas to be woody or fibrous, you can cook them that can reduce that woodiness.
  • If you don’t have a 10x20 seed tray, you could use any container you like.
  • If you do not have grow lights, you can use the natural sunlight to grow your Pea microgreens. Just make sure they get enough light by placing them in a sunny windowsill or a south facing window.

Harvesting Pea Microgreens

You can harvest pea microgreens when you start to see tendrils coming out. It is better to harvest a little earlier so they don’t get too fibrous.


A typical Pea harvest is expected to be 2x times the weight of the seed. For example, if you use 250g of Pea seeds, you can expect a harvest of about 630g.


Business Tips for Selling Pea Microgreens

Chefs usually love the pea microgreens because of the tendrils. Since pea microgreens are tall, it is better to use 4-ounce clamshells.You could sell 2 ounces of pea microgreens for $5 and 4 ounces of pea microgreens for $8.

Health Benefits of Pea Microgreens

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C (6x times more Vitamin C than blueberries)
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
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