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Fenugreek Microgreens




1-2 days

Harvest Day:

Day 9

Blackout Days:

2 Days

Dome method:

On Day 2

Weighted Blackout:


Top watering:

Day 1

Bottom Watering:

Bottom watering on Day 2 to Day 9.

Antifungal application:

Not Required

Expected Harvest weight:

7x times the weight of seed


Spicy, Grassy, Mustardy

Shelf Life:

5 days


Things you need to grow Fenugreek Microgreens

  1. 50g Fenugreek seeds
  2. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 2 - without holes
  3. 10 x 20 Microgreens tray x 1 - with holes
  4. 6 cups of coco coir
  5. Grow lights (or sunlight)

Steps to grow Fenugreek Microgreens

  1. Stack a 10x20 tray with holes on top of the 10x20 tray that does not have holes.
  2. Fill the tray (with holes) to the top with coco coir.
  3. Sprinkle the Fenugreek seeds
  4. Mist water once or twice a day, keeping the soil damp but not soggy.
  5. Stack another 10x20 tray on top for the first 4 Days for a Weighted Blackout. Add a 15 pound weight on top of the tray.
  6. On Day 2, most seeds will be germinated.
  7. On day 5, introduce the fenugreek microgreens to light.
  8. Harvest on day 9, when seedlings reach 3-4 inches.



What to expect

Do This

Day 1

Few seeds germinated

  • If some seeds are stuck on the tray, you can put them back in the seedling tray.
  • Light mist with water spray from top

Day 2

Most seeds germinated

  • Start bottom watering from Day 2 itself as fenugreek seeds get stuck on the top tray a lot, so do not disturb the top tray.

Day 5

Yellow germinated leaves

  • Keep under grow lights now
  • Bottom water if required
  • Any seed stuck on the top tray should not be put back to the seedling tray at this point.

Day 6

Foliage turns green under the light, most of the seed hulls came off.

  • Light mist with water spray from top
  • Very light mist at the bottom tray for 3 seconds
  • Cover with the top tray by flipping it to avoid any more weight on germinated seedlings.

Day 9

3-4 inches tall

  • Harvest Day


Alternate methods to grow Fenugreek Microgreens

  1. If you don’t have a 10x20 seed tray, you could use any container you like.
  2. If you are planning on using soil as the growth medium and it has sticks or clumps, make sure to get rid of the big ones.
  3. If you do not have grow lights, you can use the natural sunlight to grow your Fenugreek microgreens. Just make sure they get enough light by placing them in a sunny windowsill or a south facing window.

Tips on growing Fenugreek microgreens

  • The more weight you have on the tray, the more seed hulls come off easily for fenugreek microgreens.
  • You can expect a harvest of about 108 g of Fenugreek microgreens from 15 gms of Fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek Harvest

Fenugreek microgreens start germinating from the first day itself, and are ready for harvest by day 9.


A typical Fenugreek harvest is expected to be 7x times the weight of the seed. For example, if you use 15g of Fenugreek seeds, you can expect a harvest of about 108g.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Microgreens

Fenugreek microgreens are very effective for diabetes as it shows antidiabetic potential. It improves cellular sugar uptake by 25-44% (source).


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