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Planning to buy some plants? Or not sure where to start?

Read each of the following articles about Gardening and how to grow, propagate and care for your plants.

As a beginner in home gardening myself, I have bought several indoor and outdoor plants and started to learn about Home Gardening. These articles have been written based on my research and experience in growing each of these plants. You can be sure that if you read any article regarding a plant from this section, you will be an expert in its care, propagation, re potting, Fertilizing and watering.

Pick an article that interests you the most. If you are a complete beginner, I would like you to check out the "Home Gardening Terminologies" that I have written for you. It will help you understand the Home Gardening Jargon quickly when you are reading the articles here or watching YouTube videos about Home Gardening.

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