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Everyday life can get complicated. There is always a standard way or a strange, simple and smart way of doing things. Here is a list of articles with the most awesome life hacks.

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Life Hacks for Students, Household and Travelling (with Pictures)

Life Hacks for College and School Students,Travelling Life Hacks, Everyday Life Hacks and 11 Household Life Hacks for Men and Women

4 ways to start a fire by making custom magnifiers in the wild [pics]

4 ways to start a fire by using water, plastic bottle, a light bulb or a picture frame.

How to sleep without getting bitten by Mosquitoes

Why do mosquitoes need blood? How do mosquitoes find bite targets? Why do mosquitoes only bite me Do mosquitoes bite at specific times of the day Where do you find the most mosquitoes? How to avoid mosquito bites while sleeping? How to lure a mosquito out of hiding?