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How to get Backlinks? Here is an easy list of all the strategies that you need to get competitor backlinks to your blog website. In essence, by creating content, providing value through outreach - every single strategy to get those precious dofollow backlinks have been listed here (White hat only).


When it comes to backlink, people generally think of the following:

  • edu sites backlinks

  • gov sites backlinks

  • medium, quora, reddit, and blog comments backlinks (not worth it)

  • paid backlinks (DON’T)

  • links from youtube videos, pinterest, wikipedia and through infographics.

  • local backlinks


The truth is if you are a new website or old, local or international - in essence - there is no separate strategy or “system” that is unique to any particular case. It’s all about barter - giving something to get something back in return. That is how the world works. All you have to figure out is what it is that you have that you can give? Is it content, recognition, a free tool that's helpful or maybe you want to give someone an ego boost?


Let’s discuss each briefly here:

1. Create a Free Course

  • Create a course that is so valuable that people would actually have paid for it.

2. Create a Free tool

  • Create a course that is so valuable that people would actually have paid for it.

3. Write an Ego-bait post or lists

  • People love being talked about.

  • Write a blog post about the people or companies that you want links from and share the link with them once you have published your article.

  • For example, if you are a blog that talks about entrepreneurs, create a lengthy post and list down the top promising startups in a  city/country - categorized by industry - and praise them as to why they are so promising. Once you have published this article, these startups will be extremely excited to link the “news-like” article to their Press Release section and also will post it on their social media.

  • Example post: Top 20 Tik Tok influencers you should follow in 2020

  • People will at least share it, if not link to it.

4. Create an embedded Badge

  • Become an authority and award a badge with embedded code.

  • You can create such badges from Fiverr for like $5 or Give the badge to people, a lot of them will use it and link it back to you.

5. Infographics and Data Visualizations

  • Infographics are great sharable content and still super effective.

  • Data visualizations are basically when you collect data and present it in a more user-friendly way. For example, historical timelines, statistics, comparisons.

  • You can combine Data Visualizations and Infographics together to create an animated visual that is also interactive in a story-telling way. For example, an infographic about how fast a cheetah runs or how the car engines work.

  • Such content generates thousands of backlinks over time.


6. Find blogs where you can get a DoFollow link

  • The idea is to find websites related to yours who easily allow you to get a DoFollow backlink simply by adding some value to their website like creating a profile and adding some content (like a comment) or writing a helpful guest blog post.

  • To find websites that allow guest posting in your niche, go to Google and type

"guest post by" intitle:your-niche​​​​​​​

7. Natural Backlinks

  • These are achieved when you have unique pictures that are indexed on Google and someone wants to use your picture - they will link to your file on your server, thereby giving you credit as well as a backlink. For this to work, make sure you are hosting your image files on your own domain.

  • Another way to get natural backlinks is a stage where you actually have had so much success that you are the leader in your niche. Everyone knows you and links out to you. When you reach that stage, you don’t really try to build links yourself - that happens naturally by itself because of your authority and respect that you have built in the space you are in.

8. Wikipedia Backlinks

  • You can get nofollow backlinks from which is one of the highest ranking websites in the world.
  • Although it is a nofollow backlink, millions of visitors come to Wikipedia to read articles and they can discover your website and plan to link to your content.
  • This also brings the opportunity to get some extra referral traffic.
  • Add your backlink as a Citation, Further Reading, or replace a broken link with your webpage.


  1. Find the Wikipedia article where you will create a backlink on, using the Google search operators + your keyword phrase


  1. If you have content that is relevant to the article, add your link in the External Links, See also or Further reading sections of the wikipedia article.


  1. If there are missing citations in the article that you have the right content for, link your website as a citation. + your keyword phrase + "citations needed"


  1. You can find citations that are dead links (websites that are not working), and update the dead link with your active link. If you do not have the relevant content ready, you can create it. As a reference, you can use Wayback Machine to access cached content of the dead website. + your keyword phrase + "dead link"


Note: Your links can be removed by the moderators if a moderator thinks it's not useful. To increase your chances of keeping your link save from removal, a better way to add your relevant links to wikipedia is to create an account and become an active contributor in fixing articles that need citations and references - not just for your own website, but contributing other authentic sources and good content to the Wiki community.

9. Does directory submission still works

  • There are many websites that act as a directory of other websites and they categorise and list websites by categories like auto, education, marketing etc. Many such directories give a dofollow backlink and have a very high Domain authority.
  • You can simply submit your domain to these directories and get some link juice because of the backlink from such high DA websites.
  • However, there has been a long discussion from the SEO gurus that directory submissions and traditional backlinking strategies do not work anymore.
  • However-however-however, imagine one of your article is equally good in terms of SEO and content - as your competitor - and you both have the same level of authority on the web. If your competitor is not really focussing on building their off-page profile for search engines and you on the other hand - are having backlinks from these really HIGH DA directories? Don’t you think Google would actually put some weight into those links?
  • Secondly, there are so many directories out there that focus specifically on a particular niche. No one can say absolutely 100% that these links hold no value in the eyes of Google machines.
  • Hence, the idea is to first understand the backlinks strategy of your competitor, and find High DA directories and social networks and forums that provide a dofollow link and have upto 0 to 5% Spam score only.


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