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Digital Marketing is not going anywhere and is here to stay. If you are interested to know how online Advertising works and how Publishers, Advertisers and Companies advertise on the web and make money, this section is for you.

Hold on! - Advertisers? Publishers? Explain that first?

This is not another blog post filled with terminologies within terminologies that never get explained.

Trust me, if you are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in Digital Marketing, this is the place for you.

If you read all the articles in here, you are going to know at least 90% of what digital is and how to become a successful Digital Marketer.

We really wanted to name this course "Digital Marketing for Dummies". Read the first article and you will know why you are just about to become a knowledgeable digital marketer in the next few days. This is possible because we write things in Simple English. "Simple".

Table of contents

CPC PPC CPM CPA CPE RPM in Advertising,AdSense and Adwords

We will discuss in very simple terms the actual meaning of Pageviews, Impressions, CPC, CPM, CPE, Page RPM, Impressions RPM and Active View RPM. Once you know what each of these metrics are, you will be all set to appreciate these metrics and watch them to improve your earnings.

What is Google Adsense and How Does it Work

A Complete and Simple Guide to Google AdSense. Who is an Advertiser and Publisher? What are Ad Networks,Ad Units and Custom Channels? How to Set up Google AdSense? How create an Ad Unit? How to Optimize Google AdSense to make more money?

Beginner to Advanced Google Tag Manager Training [Free]

What is Tag Management System? What is Google Tag Manager?Advantages, Creating a Measurement Plan, Tags, Variable & Triggers, Cross-domain tracking, Setting Data Layer Javascript object, Variables, Setting up Google Ads , Facebook Pixel and Dynamic Remarketing using Google Tag Manager.

How to Find Your Niche in Blogging

Choose a Niche you are passionate about. Who is going to be your reader/customer? Never target the top of your niche. Use your Skills and Knowledge in the niche. Pick a topic that you want to learn yourself. Pick a Niche that is profitable. Do Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis.

Niche Research Tool

Niche Research Tool helps you in finding your niche market for your online business. Answer a set of questions to explore the niche that is right for you, based on your interests, experience and passion. This is an ultimate niche finder for you to know on what topic you will be writing about.

Keyword Research PDF

This article (Keyword Research - PDF File) aims to be a complete guide to Keyword Research for seo, blogs, youtube, niches, social media and virtually every medium where Keyword Research is required in order to understand the target audience of the content that you wish to create.