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Answers to questions that always crossed your mind, but you never got the answer. Until now! ...

Here is a list of common questions we all have in our mind but are not really sure of the answer.

You may have assumed an answer, or are not really sure - well, you can be sure now.

Have a look at this interesting set of everyday How-to's and What why when how's.

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Fuel Consumption of your Car AC

Does using AC really affects fuel consumption in your car? Is it worth avoiding the usage of car AC to save gas? How and Why to reduce the usage of Car AC? How does a Car Air Conditioning system make use of petrol?

How to Argue Effectively in a Relationship

Things to keep in mind in order to argue effectively in any relationship. The way people handle arguments and fights depends on how they handle their pain, anger and fear. Arguments are handled in 4 ways.

Why do people Divorce? [15 Main Reasons]

The complete list of reasons and causes of why people Divorce. The Expectations of Marriage. Cheating, (Adultery,Infidelity), Domestic Violence, Midlife crisis, Workaholism, Serious Arguments, Communication Gap, Sexual Satisfaction, No Physical attraction, Spouse is Gay, Taken for granted,Cultural..

How to Answer 26 Common Job Interview Questions

what are the most common interview questions and answers? Well, this is an opportunity for you to prepare yourself for the most awesome replies to each of these common interview questions and understand what exactly is their motivation behind asking you each of these questions.

How to make homemade fertilizer for indoor plants

Here are the steps to make your own DIY natural and organic fertilizer homemade fertilizer using Banana peels. We use banana peels because it provides a great source of potassium and nitrogen that the plant needs to grow. You can also use Potato or Mango peels, but banana peels are the best.

Arabian Jasmine: Care, Pruning, Repotting and Fertilizers

General Information about Arabian/Indian Jasmine Plants. Growing Jasmine Indoors, Insects / Diseases, Pruning / Maintenance, Repotting the Jasmine Plant,Fertilizer schedule and Potting Mix, Types of Jasmine Plants.