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Skin Care

Learn the best way to get rid of acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and how to clear your skin and attain a healthy glowing moisturized skin.

Gardening 101

Planning to buy some plants? Or not sure where to start? Read each of the following articles about Gardening and how to grow, propagate and care for your plants. As a beginner in home gardening myself, I have bought several indoor and outdoor plants and started to learn about Home Gardening. These a

All about Books

In this section, you will learn about books, and get to know authors of your favorite novels more with our interviews with them. If you are planning to write your own novel, or if you just love reading books, this space is for you.


Psychology articles about human behavior, love and relationships, arguments, fights, domestic violence and achieving contentment and happiness in life

Dream Interpretation

Topics discussed in this article: How do dreams happen. What do recurring dreams mean. Biblical take on Dream and Interpretations. Spiritual Meaning of Dreams. What to do when you see a nightmare. Value of Dreams in Islam. Wet Dreams. Psychological perspective on Dreams

Life Tips and Tricks

Everyday life can get complicated. There is always a standard way or smart way of doing things. This section of articles focus on the latter. Compiling the most amazing life hacks for you. Check them out!

All About Travel

Where to Travel next? Learn the hidden secrets and tips for traveling. Get inspired for extraordinary and not so obvious travel destinations of the world. Even if you are not planning to Travel soon, studies have shown just reading about traveling makes a person a 100% happy. Bon Voyage.

Learn Digital Marketing

If you are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER in Digital Marketing, this is the place. I can guarantee you that if you read all the articles in here, you are going to know at least 90% of what digital is and how to do digital. We really wanted to name this course "Digital Marketing for Dummies".

Programming & Technology

Are you a Coder? Go here to read about latest in Programming and questions on everything Tech. We will be troubleshooting together common issues with Linux, Networks, PHP, Python, SQL Databases and much more.

Article of the Week

Answers to questions that always crossed your mind, but you never got the answer. Until now! ... Here is a list of common questions we all have in our mind but are not really sure of the answer. We may have assumed an answer, or are not really sure - well, you can be sure now. Have a look at this i

Health and Fitness

Sharing some basic knowledge on our personal health, some simple solutions to lead a healthier life.

Photography and Video

Basic short and simple guides on Photography and Video Editing for absolute Beginners. If you want to start photography and want to know what you should photograph, here is a set of tips and trick Articles aimed only for novice beginners